On the occasion of this Karimoku New Standard exhibition, held in an atmospheric space hidden in the courtyards of the historic 5 Vie district, Italy-based Korean artist Chung Eun-Mo was invited to create an extensive installation that brings the Karimoku New Standard furniture into a dialog with her intriguing paintings. Karimoku New Standard furniture has the aspiration to penetrate the common and re-think objects, starting at it’s origins : “Standard” not as in normal, common, but as in exemplary, directive. I felt that confronting the furniture with Eun Mo’s work could convey this concept in an unexpected and intuitive way.
Born in Seoul, Korea, Chung studied in New York and lives and works in Italy since 1987, currently in Torre Orsina, Umbria.
Besides her work as a painter, she has designed a series of carpets for Memphis / Post Design.