This exhibition for Karimoku New Standard was set in a large gallery space within the very popular Tsutaya T-Site complex in Daikanyama, Tokyo. The scenography was conceived in collaboration with- and built by Tokyo based constructor company TANK.

The room had unusual proportions with very height ceilings, which posed the risk that the furniture would feel lost and out of proportion in the vast space, which let to the idea of the grid, that defines the scale and lets one measure and understand the size and proportions of the exhibits. The exhibition podiums, made of simple MDF, were printed with different standard grids that turned into patterns interacting with the furniture standing on them. Partitions made of welded and lacquered reinforcement lattice brought the grid pattern into the vertical and formed graphical layers that structured the space. The exhibition also involved a mini store, offering Karimoku New Standard accessories and other products designed by Karimoku New Standard designers. As a special give-away for visitors, an original knapsack was developed with Kyoto based artist Soshi Matsunobe, that featured an original fabric with a hand drawn pattern.
The project involved location hunting, exhibition concept, food concept, shop curation, planning, styling and the selection and coordination of collaborators.