With this exhibition, Karimoku New Standard takes over an actual office space in the center of Tokyo -usually shared by a press agency, an editor and an architect. which we entirely re-furnished for this occasion. In the natural setting of this life workspace, the furniture can be seen in daily use, it can touched and tried out by the visitors. 

In addition, a special exhibition was held in the gallery space attached to the office under the title “Q&A - BIG-GAME curated by David Glaettli”: A retrospective selection of 10 products designed designer by BIG-GAME for 10 companies over the past 10 years - paired with one item each found in Japan, selected by David Glaettli. These 10 finds represent the Japanese counterparts to BIG-GAME's products, they relate to them, explain and contextualize them in unexpected ways. The 10 + 10 exhibits form a cross-cultural “dialog between things” that gives a playful insight in BIG-GAME’s way of thinking and working - rooted and inspired by the things that surround us in daily life-  and ultimately show the universality of functional, playful design.
The project involved location hunting, concept, planning, styling, and curation of “Q&A”.