The fifth Karimoku New Standard exhibition in Milan was held in a white cube showroom with a spectacular fin de ciècle courtyard just a few meters from the Castello di Milano. In order to tie on the big success of the event of the previous year and to offer it to a wider audience , we teamed again with Arabeschi Di Latte for a second edition of “Kitchen Library” : A temporary reading lounge centered around food, books & furniture and dedicated to conviviality and inspiration in everyday life.

This time Arabeschi Di Latte supplied their impressive collection of modern and historic recipe books from all over the world, which were integrated into the installation and free to browse and read for the visiors. As part of the installation, Arabeschi Di Latte created a food concept, described with “words and foods on loan”: Just like ideas and words, food and dishes have always been transcending borders, being reinterpreted in different cultural contexts to ultimately become something new, original again. Arabeschi di Latte takes up this conception and selected classic japanese foods, that actually have their roots in the west, and bring them back to Europe, reinventing them again with local ingredients.
The project involved location hunting, concept, planning, styling and the selection and coordination of collaborators.