The exhibition was held in two locations: A main show at the renowned Spazio Susana Orlandi and an installation at the Studio of food and event designer collective Arabeschi Di Latte in the Lambrate area.
In the relatively small space at Susana Orlandi, the coloured OSB-panel modules made for the previous Tokyo Design Week exhibition were re-used to build basic stages to display most of the product line up of the collection under the title “A new standard in Japanese furniture making”. The exhibition counted 11’000 visitors in one week.
At the second location, the Arabeschi Di Latte Studio, we teamed with Arabeschi di Latte and Verona/Miami based publisher Fortino Editions for an installation titled “Kitchen Library”: A reading lounge featuring Karimoku New Standard furniture and a temporary library curated by Fortino Editions, while Arabeschi Di Latte served specially created drinks and snacks, prepared in the open kitchen on site. The light space became a quiet and recreative retreat, well appreciated by several hundred visitors during the busy Design Week.
The project involved location hunting, concept, planning, styling and the selection and coordination of collaborators as well as the fabrication of texts and media for the press.