The design of this second booklet catalogue for Karimoku New Standard is inspired by the classic, grid-based, stringent Swiss graphic design and tries to combine the simple objectiveness of a manual with the functionality of an editorial magazine.
The art direction involved the overall visual concept, definition of contents, selection of images and texts, copywriting of the editorial, the concept for the interior photoshooting and the selection and direction of the collaborating graphic designer, photographer and stylist.

The photographer Norio Kidera, who studied under Takashi Homma, and stylist Fumiko Sakuhara who regularly works for Muji among other major companies created the interior pictures in an apartment in Naka-Meguro in the center of Tokyo, using natural light only.
The subjective point of view of the camera gives a soft and natural impression, while the setting is deliberately kept abstract and imaginative.

Graphic design: Haruhiko Taniuchi (desegno ltd.)
Interior photos: Norio Kidera
Interior styling: Fumiko Sakuhara

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